Packaging Services for stores by Oikosac!

Integrated packaging solutions for any business!

Packaging services by Oikosac for any store and business looking for packaging with excellent durability and elegance. Oikosac is the guaranteed solution for ecological packaging. We undertake to meet all your commercial needs by offering packaging solutions perfect for any occasion. We supply wholesale packaging for any type of business, customized to your requirements.

Paper bags

Using quality materials and possessing avant garde means, we designed and manufactured a hug range of ecological packaging for shops of all kinds:

We design your own packaging according to the requirements of your business. You can choose the type and size of the packaging you need with a hand-made paper flat or twisted, cord or plastic handle according to your store’s products or service.

Emphasis on quality

We apply special processes to every ecological packaging: lamination, plating, metallography, embossing or local uv are some of the basic styles that are applied to all ecological packaging by Oikosac. The final finish of each bag completes the manufacturing process adding perfect durability and appearance to the packaging!

Print your corporate logo!

It is one of the most popular advertising methods. Printing your corporate logo on your business’s packaging is the ideal way to achieve your business’s prominence in a smart and also an economical way.

At Oikosac we are specialized in packaging prints, achieving an excellent and attractive result. With our avant-garde machines and our specialized lithographers, we are achieving the excellent color of your corporate identity on your own packaging!