Import-Commerce-Print for store packaging. Paper bags, plastic bags, ecological bags and all kinds of wholesale packaging by Oikosac! A big manufacturing range in paper bags, no woven bags and packaging that meet all the needs of businesses and individuals! We provide innovative packaging solutions for commercial, advertising or personal purposes, with great manufacturing flexibility and … a lot of smart ideas!
We develop innovative solutions that meet your business’ requirements, utilizing environmentally friendly packaging options that combine the excellent quality with a modern aesthetic result that highlight your business’s brand!
Packaging is one of the most effective ways of advertising and boosting the trade name of your business! That’s why in Oikosac, with our passion and creativity, we design paper bags, no woven bags and all kind of packaging in a modern style and utility through cost-efficient packages that effectively enhance your brand!

Paper Bags with your brand

Paper bags of all types, handmade and manufactured, with your brand.

Plastic bags

Plastic bags of all types with your brand, monochrome or not.

Paper bags

Paper bags with cord or paper hand, in many colors and sizes.

Our company can undertake the printing of your corporate logo on any packaging.

At Oikosac we manufacture paper bags, plastic bags, paper bags with flat or twistedpaper handles, roll paper, bags with plastic handles, loop bags and eco-packaging of all types, with the option to print the corporate logo of your business!

The stages of our production:


The main feature that puts Offset printing on the top of the printing industry is the high quality of the printed images. Our avant-garde machines and our specialized lithographers contribute to the excellent color depiction of your corporate identity on the packaging.

2. Processing

Lamination, plating, metal printing, embossing, local uv are some of the special treatments that can be applied to your packaging in order to upgrade its quality, peculiarity, durability and attract your customers’ interest.

3. Configuration

This stage is the final finish of your packaging. With our 45 years of experience, all the thorough checks at each stage of production are specialized to achieve the perfect result. We have been awarded as the company of the best quality bag product in the Greek market.