Environmentally friendly Oikosac paper packaging and environmental protection are a common effort for our company. All paper, plastic or fabric bags made by our company consist of environmentally friendly packaging materials in order to insure its permanent protection. At Oikosac, interest in ecology is not an obligation, is a goal…

According to statistics, more than ten million plastic bags are consumed daily in Greece. This huge volume of plastic bags burdens the environment, as it entails a dramatic increase in production and thus their marketing.


An important solution to contribute to recycling, is the use of used conventional materials. Recycled and recyclable construction materials for Oikosac’s ecological packaging are concentrated up to 99% from industrial or household waste!

This leads to the reduced production of conventional bags while at the same time, industry and household waste is transformed into a friendly solution for the ecosystem and not a burden.

Another action that contributes to the protection of the environment is the manufacture of ecological packaging from biodegradable, photodegradable or even compostable materials. All three types of materials are broken down in appropriate conditions (light, oxygen and heat) and converted by microorganisms into carbon dioxide, water and biomass so theycan be sustainable for the ecosystem.

Ecological Packages by Oikosac!

At Oikosac, respect for the environment is a moral commitment that meets perfectly the company’s philosophy of eco-packaging. We create the ideal setting to pack your products and also offer the perfect design to print on your corporate logo, while protecting the environment.